The creation of the game was not as easy as I had anticipated. I was inspired by Love Far From Home by Italo Calvino. I found the application difficult to use because of noun, action, verbs. I didn’t feel inspired by Inform’s usability. I think this tool is less visual than the other Twine, Ren Py. I experimented with it a few times, but the experimenting was all I wanted to do. I was hoping to create a scenario with the application where the scene is a train, then the character is catching the train. However, I felt somewhat distance from the application when I had to set it up into blocks and chunks like that. Overall, I suppose the scene is entering the train and it did just that. But it wasn’t fancy usage of code or anything like that for that matter.

Example code:

“Love Far From Home”

The Station is a room. “A train sets off along the seafront and on that train there’s me, leaving. “

A train is in the Station. The description of the train moving is “Lost in the depths of the lowlands, on the banks of railways that arrive, how I don’t know, after breathless journeys through endless stretches of countryside. “

The player is dancing on the train. The description of the dancing is “A jazzy look for a jazzy lad.”

The player is carrying a suitcase. The description of the suitcase is “He carries a suitcase.”

Instead of taking off the suitcase:
say “I am scared to leave my suitcase.”

[this makes it possible to type “enter train”]
The train is scenery in the Station. Instead of entering the train, try going inside….

NYU 2018–2020