Ren Py wasn’t that difficult to use, intuitive because of the visual aspect that I could see everything in real time and it points out why I would have a faulty line. I hoped to make a post about the matter of heart “sensitive you”. I’ve been interested in a concept called interoception which is where this post came from, perhaps that mimicking therapy sessions. I would like to use this tool to understand choices more, like how to give people more options and control in life. I think the menu feature helps with giving choices on top of choice branches. My sketch seemed to be simple but I enjoyed how the script is. I thought it was rather sentimental, sensitive, and sincere to my intention of creating a “sensitive you” dialogue flow with Ren Py.


# The script of the game goes in this file.

# Declare characters used by this game. The color argument colorizes the
# name of the character.
default traits = {‘kind’: 0, ‘smart’: 0, ‘love’: 0}
define s = Character(“me”)

# The game starts here.

label start:
show bg room
“Welcome to the sensitive you.”
jump brain

label heart:
“Let me dive deep inside the most sensitive parts of you.”

label brain:
“I am now inside your heart.”

# Show a background. This uses a placeholder by default, but you can
# add a file (named either “bg room.png” or “bg room.jpg”) to the
# images directory to show it.

scene heart

# This shows a character sprite. A placeholder is used, but you can
# replace it by adding a file named “eileen happy.png” to the images
# directory.

show eggplant

# These display lines of dialogue.

s “I will ask you a series of questions. Are you scared of who you {b}really{/b} are?”
“My shallowness is so thorough, it is almost like {i}depth{/i}.”:
$ traits[‘kind’] += 1
“I fear that I am not good enough.”:
$ traits[‘smart’] += 1
“I fear that I will be an outsider if I am sensitive.”:
$ traits[‘love’] += 1
if traits[‘love’] > 0:
“heart” “You are aware. You are not at fault.”
“heart” “You are not aware. We have to relearn everything.”

hide eggplant
show peace

s “What are the {b}fears{/b} you still hold?”
“I fear that I am not liked by many.”:
$ traits[‘kind’] += 1
“I fear that no one will love me.”:
$ traits[‘smart’] += 1
“I fear being invisible.”:
$ traits[‘love’] += 1
if traits[‘love’] > 0:
“Heart” “You are loved.”
“Heart” “You are needed.”

# This ends the game.


NYU 2018–2020