If matter is everything in the universe that we can see or observe, dark matter is everything that’s not there, and we know it exists because of the gravitational effects it has on what we can observe.


I want to capture what no one sees similar to Dark Matter. Maybe that would mean existing in a world where we talked more about ourselves, like who we are. When I fell into a metaphoric rabbit hole, I was in a state of depression. The symptoms of depression lasted for years. I had this intimacy with suffering, and then it turned into compassion and from my understanding — it became this tenderness in a shared human experience.

I suppose depression is similar to Dark Matter in that no one sees it (albeit arguable) and it affects our interactions we have with ourselves and others. For this assignment, I thought of an interface that went from noise to signal. The sketch uses poseNet to map out the points on the face to play audio.

P5 Sketch:



NYU 2018–2020